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Death Bed

One day Salem came to a psychological counselor asking for psychological counseling that could energize his feelings towards his wife, children, parents, relatives, colleagues and clients in his own company. After the counselor received him warmly, she asked him to lie down on a white bed resembling the bed of the dead, and then she gradually put him in a state of hypnotic sleep simulating the journey of death, starting with the feelings of death agony and redemption, and through the review of rights, grievances, mistakes and abuses. Before starting this journey, she asked him to pray for everyone he love while his is lying on the bed of death. He started to talk to his relatives, friends, opponents, talking to them all individually, imagining their voices one by one. And he had to respond to them loudly, and express the feelings of love and ask permission and apologize for his mistakes to those who abused them. When he spoke with his relatives and friends, his voice changed and he had the feeling of separation and loss, and he was mourning for what had been lost without letting his true feelings go.

During this journey, which simulates the moments of departure from the world, Salem felt that he had nothing for which he was struggling, and he realized that he had denied the rights of his children, wife and parents who were still alive. He really wished he would speak with a loud voice and call out feelings of love and apologies to all. During this journey, he saw many scenes that reveal his mistakes, and had the feelings of panic and fear of those who wronged a little or a lot, and felt they suffocate him despite standing away from him, despite their silence. He also had a feeling of suffocation and panic. He wanted to apologize to them and he was sorry for them. He wished that their grievances and rights would be returned to them. Salem continued his dreadful journey. After a few moments, the session ended and the psychotherapist asked him to gradually return to life. He began to breathe quickly, then looked right and left, and saw the room lights come back again and feel that he is still one of the people of the world. He was still astonished, and the scenes of death remains his mind and feelings.

Salem cried a lot. He was also confused between the state of joy of return to life and the truth that appeared on his journey. He immediately went to his family members, expressed his love and hugged them all. He also went to his parents and spent a good time with them without opening his mobile phone. He also met the employees of his company and asked for forgiveness. Finally, he decided to devote some time for expressing the love, feelings and thanks to God for His endless blessings.

“We do not have to wait for real death to see the truth, but we can think about what we need to do to make our lives meaningful,” he wrote in a tweet.

Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mashani

Head of the Office of Al Najah Center for Human Development

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