Our Programs

Diploma in the Science & Art of Human Excellence

Program Goals


To familiarize participants with NLP as the most powerful human technology for self-development
We help the individual to become:

  • More efficient, healthy, effective and highly skilled in the art of communication.
  • Able to define his goals in different areas of his life and strive to achieve them.
  • Able to control thinking, feelings and sensations.
  • Able to master the skills of mind, thinking methods and self-change strategies.
  • Able to use all these techniques to enhance the sense of life and beauty.

Target Group


All those who wish to awaken their energies and acquire effective self-change techniques.

Program Content

  • A historical introduction on NLP with an overview of its pioneers.
  • Pre-hypotheses in NLP and how to make it a skill in your life.
  • Framework of perception with emphasis on techniques to build a positive framework for participants.
  • Techniques for achieving the desired outcomes.
  • The language of the senses and how it helps the individual to know himself and others.
  • Visual, auditory, sensory, and olfactory systems.
  • Language affirmations for each system.
  • Eye and its distinctive mark.
  • Links, links types, and mastering the skills to increase the enthusiasm and confidence in our lives.
  • The state, how to control the mental state you wish to have.

Applied Strategies


The participants will be trained on more than one technique that will be practiced according to the International Federation of NLP instructors.



5 days



International Association of NLP Trainers

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