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When I pass by Hamran roundabout, heading for Taqah, I become fascinated by a beautiful green oasis on the north side of the main road, and bewitched by the small orchard that has different types of trees such as coconut palms, lemons, etc. however, I still remember what my brothers, friends and residents in were telling me about this beautiful oasis that attracts many people and their families in summer and winter.

This beautiful green oasis has a story that belongs to her late companion, Khiyar Bint Mohammed Issa Al-Mashani, who wanted to make a fruitful impact before she dies her. She brought various tree seedlings from palm, lemons, Papayas trees and others. The place was surrounded by a simple watering system that flows from mobile water tanks. Then she began to turn that dry spot into a green oasis. Later the trees grew and became fruitful and shady. Now many people visit this beautiful oasis, sit under the trees, or eat something. When these people see the oasis, they find their tongue moving spontaneously, praying and asking forgiveness for the mother of Yahya, may God bless her and forgive her and her late husband, Sheikh Mahad Ali Jashri Al-Mashani. The wife and her husband have died, but their farm is still there for people to eat the fruits and vegetables.

This farm is considered a charity for this noble woman who lived with dignity and generosity that continued after she and her husband, may God have mercy on them, have died. There are many souls attracted by the act of good, and live for it and harnesses their energies for it in order to satisfy internal spiritual motivation, wondering what impact can I leave when I leave this world? What is the reward? In this regard, my colleagues and I were praying for Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Burham and his team when we walk in the valleys of Dhofar who carry their heavy tools to overcome those routes off. Two days ago we entered the valley which begins north of Ein Arzat, passing through all its steep hills and tracks, which became easy roads for people and livestock from its entrance to its end in the Wadi Jenin. the story of the noble Sharif was the theme of our journey. I remember how rugged the valley was since early childhood when the life was harsh and water was scarce. We were relying on the water lanes and trees burrows that retain autumn or the rain which permeates the seasons of the year. The valley is now so easy to walk in, and people were able to put white water tanks from which people and cattle can drink. It is the beautiful effect that remains and continues as an ongoing charity until the Day of Judgment.

Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mashani

Head of the Office of Al Najah Center for Human Development

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