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A few years ago a young man in his third decade asked me for counseling to strengthen his memory. When he found me busy and I gave him a new appointment. He interrupted me by saying: “But I have forgotten, I suffer from poor memory”. I asked him: How many times a day do you think that you suffer from a weak memory? He answered: “In many cases, I have the feeling that my memory is very weak at work and at home, and every day I feel my condition worsens. I asked him: Do you remember the color of your car? He replied, laughing: Yes!

I asked him many obvious questions and he answered me quickly and accurately. Then I asked him about the happy occasions in his life and he answered easily, accurately and clearly. I realized that the young man was suffering from fear of amnesia as a result of a situation that happened to him at work. One day, his manager asked him about a certain file, and he did not remember the place of the file. Since then, he has been accused by his manager since that he has a weak memory and he might forget himself. Later this manager with all his power started to establish the conviction of forgetfulness in his mind, like many of the managers who establish psychological defeat the minds of those who work with them.

Before I started the treatment with that young man, I sat with him, making sure that he answered all my questions related to all the occasions and situations he went through. I then assured him that his inner mind absorbs all the situations he went through in his life, either consciously or unconsciously. I also said to him that the person has a memory with legs and hands, and the life is like a cylinder that returns the details that were previously recorded.

Then I asked the young man to relax a little, and prepared him to restore good success experiences that stir up in his mind the responses of joy and confidence. It did not take him thirty seconds to see and hear scenes and sounds of wonderful experiences that he passed through. I noticed that the joy was beginning to shine in his face. I really realized that he was sailing in those exciting moments that began to appear in his mind, seeing, hearing, and interact with them using all his arms and organs.

When he reached the peak of his feelings, I asked him to confirm it with the signal of his right hand index finger, and store it by that distinctive signal by grabbing all the fingers of his right hand and lift his index finger for only five to ten seconds. We resumed talking about different things, and after several minutes I asked him to raise his index finger to the previous level. Here I noticed that the state of activity and mental alertness started to get better than before.

I went to him saying: You have to evoke the intention of waking up your wonderful mental abilities and make sure that you will be satisfied with the required good results that will connect you with God Almighty.

Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mashani

Head of the Office of Al Najah Center for Human Development

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